As things start to warm up, more people are starting to leave their car windows down. Unfortunately, this makes breaking into cars easier.

“It is just this time of the year as the sun comes up, everybody is doing their thing by rolling their windows down and sticking their elbows out the window, it is nice to get outside, but we also seem to park our cars with the windows down. We hardly ever lock them,” commented Sheriff Nielsen of the County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Nielsen wants to remind people to keep their windows rolled up and car doors locked.

“There are so many that are easier to get [cars] if your windows are up and doors are locked. They will go to others that are not that engaged,” said Sheriff Nielsen.

And if you are running errands at night, make sure to keep your vehicle parked under a street light and always keep your valuables out of sight.

Sheriff Nielsen said car break-ins are really a crime of opportunity, so by taking a few simple steps, it could deter car prowlers from targeting your vehicle.

Tips for keeping your car and valuables secure